We Build, We Craft. Brainstem Studio is a Platform Development company that pushes the boundaries to create exceptional mobile and desktop applications.

Codo Dragon

Codo Dragon is a code framework that has been crafted by Brainstem Studio. Since its inception, Dragon has become a formidable framework that is applied to build bespoke desktop applications and sophisticated full-stack platforms.

Codo Hydra

Codo Hydra is an adapted version of the Codo Dragon framework. Hydra is designed to deliver content and technology to apps in synchronicity with its counterpart: the Dragon desktop suite.


Dragon & Hydra provide the benefits of using an existing framework, yet also offer the flexibility to modify and craft as required. No two platforms are the same: each iteration is consistent with the framework standards, but is built to meet exclusive needs.

Our Full-Stack Framework

Codo Dragon

Smart & Crafted

The tried and trusted Codo Dragon framework can be customised to produce iterations which meet the unique requirements of your platform. The back-end becomes your very own “Hub” that is nice to look at, but can also be used to manage your platform apps and access essential business tools.


A Dragon Hub gives you the power and flexibility to manage apps from your desktop. Hubs can contain multiple standard or bespoke modules that will be crafted to suit your platform needs and can include anything from management and operational tools to insight tracking capabilities.

Upgraded & Secure

Brainstem provides a fully-hosted solution in a secure and stable environment. All of the hosted Dragon Hubs automatically benefit from regular framework updates and upgrades to meet the ever-changing demands of technology.

Our App Framework

Codo Hydra

Codo Hydra works in tandem with Codo Dragon to deliver a full-stack solution. Dragon and Hydra run off the same database, allowing Hydra Apps to be managed directly from a Dragon Hub. This allows for streamlined technology and data management that can seamlessly expand to new devices and platforms as conditions evolve.

Hydra Apps can be published to Apple and Android app stores for public download, and Brainstem can facilitate the app review and publishing process to ensure that standards are met in accordance with the app stores.

Enterprise apps can also be developed if a client requires a private environment. This option is ideal for corporates and for operational app solutions that require access by invite only.

Hydra Apps are dynamic enough to produce offline capabilities (accessing core app features offline), interactive learning, as well as payment gateway integrations.