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Our Services

Digital Business Strategy

We not only build technology but also offer research and strategy into working with technology. Whether for the global market or for internal business use, we offer detailed research to give you insight into how to traverse the digital world.

App Prototyping

Brainstem Studio offers design & development of a working prototype of your app before a full investment, giving you the opportunity to test your idea at a lower cost.

App Development

We offer world class small to large scale app development for enterprise or public environments. We not only build your app but also give you the tools to empower you to roll out your product effectively.

Fullstack Platform

Our fullstack solutions gives you the power and flexibility to manage apps from your desktop. Hubs can contain multiple standard or bespoke modules that will be crafted to suit your platform needs and can include anything from management and operational tools to insight tracking capabilities.

Clients & Collaboration. We not only service our own clients but also collaborate with digital agencies who are mandated as resellers of our framework apps and platforms.

AdOne Digital

Superseed Studio


Acher Aviation


College of Digital Photography

Fitness Faculty

Falkor Platform